No Time for Beauty?

By Linda Chase

As a baby boomer in my forties I found that I had no time for beauty. As many people today I found myself too busy with work and family to pay attention to the little things that can make a difference on the many fronts where I consider beauty to be important. So what do I mean by beauty? For me it includes everything I need to keep myself looking and feeling beautiful both inside and out.

I have read that baby boomers are more concerned about their beauty than generations before them but I don’t think that is necessarily true. I think that we have more options available to us on the anti-aging front than our predecessors. With the dawn of the internet our access to information about those options is unprecedented.

The invention of MP3 players has also helped us multitask like never before. While I may not have time to read books about the latest trends on wellness, aging, weight loss and anything else related to keeping myself feeling young and looking beautiful I do have many opportunities to listen to audio books while I do a variety of required chores.

How many times have you found yourself doing any of the things below wishing you could do something more valuable?

* Doing Laundry
* Commuting to Work (Driving or on Public Transportation)
* Mowing the Lawn
* Exercising
* Walking….Dare I say lying on the beach?

This list can go on and on.

I would like to find out how to age gracefully, how to manage my stress, how to lose weight…. All these things will help me to maintain both my outer and inner beauty but who has the time. Well one of the things that I have started to do is to listen to audio books on topics ranging from anything from anti-aging to wellness and relaxation. I bumped into these when I started listening to training audios on my computer while working on websites. I then started downloading them to my smartphone and listening to them while I did the laundry and I was hooked.

This website is dedicated to not only audio books about beauty and self help but also for incorporating the advice from these audio books and recommending other products that can help you to achieve the goal of preserving and discovering your outer and inner beauty. We will also be providing articles that support that goal.

Check back often!

Linda Chase

Contributing Editor

P.S. Update July 12, 2011

We have transitioned our site to include audio books from our new partner  We hope this will provide our visitors with a wider choice of audiobooks in the areas of beauty, grooming, exercise and diet as well as alternative therapies like meditation and hypnosis.  We will also be adding many more articles and possibly podcasts with Beauty and Grooming tips.

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