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Get The Love You Want (Unabridged)

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Category: Alternative Therapies
Publisher: Orion Publishing Group Limited
Author: Glenn Harrold
Narrator: Glenn Harrold
Length: 56 min.
Retail Price: $11.21
Download Price: $11.21
Abridged – Unabridged: unabridged

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From the UK’s best selling self-help audio author Glenn Harrold. The booklet will help you focus on the kind of partner you want in your life, and the powerful hypnotherapy audio will then help you achieve this. When you put on your headphones and listen to the high quality audio hypnotherapy session, you will hear Glenn’s pleasant voice and absorbing sound effects, which will guide you into a deeply relaxed state.

When you reach a deep state of mental and physical relaxation you will be ready to use an ancient universal law that will help you to focus and attract the partner you want into your life. In this very receptive state you will also be given a number of post hypnotic suggestions and carefully layered affirmations to help you attract the partner for you.

The subtle background sound effects that you will hear are recorded in certain musical keys and frequencies to enhance certain states and help with the absorbing of suggestions. At the end of the first hypnotherapy session you will be gently brought back to full waking consciousness.

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