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Listen to Heart, Mind and Purpose (Unabridged) Written By Jude Currivan On Audio

In this transformational download of teachings and attunements, scientist, healer and visionary Jude Currivan PhD shares an inspiring and above all practical path to wholeness….

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Download Secrets and Rules for Attracting What You Want: Live Lecture and Meditations (Unabridged) Written By Dr. David R Hamilton in Audio Book Format

We attract the life we think about. Discover how the law of Attraction works and how to speed up the process of creating the reality you dream of….

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Download The Dream Whisperer: Unlock the Power of Your Dreams (Unabridged) By Davina Mackail in Audio Book Format

This download allows you to effortlessly journey deeper into the extraordinary world of your dreams; that gateway to truly knowing and understanding yourself….

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