Margaret Hills

Listen to Cider Vinegar: Natural Weight Loss, Acid Reflux Treatment and Natural Health Remedies (Unabridged) By Margaret Hills On Audio

Many people take cider vinegar every day, because they find it can help with arthritis, joint pain, gout, diverticulitis and other troublesome complaints….

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Listen to Treating Arthritis Exercise Book (Unabridged) Written By Margaret Hills, Janet Horwood in Audio Book Format

If you suffer from arthritis, it’s all too easy to let pain and restricted movement become a way of life. With Margaret Hills’ methods, you can make arthritis a thing of the past….

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Download Treating Arthritis: More Ways to a Drug-free Life (Unabridged) Written By Margaret Hills in Audio Book Format

Doctors and consultants may be very surprised when they see patients suffering intractable arthritis suddenly beginning to get better….

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